Founded in 1859, Slate Quarries Magog GmbH & Co. KG is a slate mining company with two extracting plants in Germany. Extracted from our own drift mines, Fredeburg Slate is marketed as slate for roofs and slate hanging, as "natural stone slate", and recently also as "Solar Slate System".

Apart from Fredeburg Slate, we also distribute high-quality slate from Spain for roofs and slate hanging, under the brand name MaSpana Slate.

Consulting and services for planning and execution of construction work complete our company's offer, serving customers, including Japan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, and Slovenia.

Slate conveys classical elegance, thus giving your style and standard of living an adequate expression. The individual planning of roofs, fa├žades and residential space helps to realise the wish to express one's own personality. The liveliness of the natural product emphasises the fantasy of the design. Thus slate is also setting standards for interior design.